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Gichin School of Martial Arts (GSMA) has been established for the empowerment of humanity through the practice of martial arts. GSMA has succeeded in keeping up with the traditional style of Karate, together with the evolution taking place in the field of martial arts by incorporating the contemporary diversity. For the past 30 years, GSMA has been dedicated to the propagation of Martial Arts, both in Kerala and abroad. Firmly based on the Ancient Indian Yoga philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga which emphasizes physical fitness and well-being, GSMA focuses on strengthening of the immune system, self-defence, and inculcating mental maturity and determination in our students. GSMA also aims to impart personality skills, thereby promoting effective interpersonal relationships and, in turn, world welfare.

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Full Contact KARATe

Full contact karate training is an effective and useful style of karate that can be applied in real-life situations. Also called as “Knockdown Karate”, it originated from Kyokushin Karate which advocates full-force sparring and physical toughness.

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The art of Kobudo was devised by Okinawan peasants to resist the domination of the armed Samurai warriors. The unarmed peasants defended themselves by learning to use simple farming tools as potent weapons.

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Yoga, the ancient Indian practice for physical and mental well being offers numerous benefits. If practiced regularly, its hones your mental focus, rids your body of toxins, de-stresses, improves your balance and coordination.

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Sports Karate emphasis lies on exercise and competition. The main purpose of this fighting technique is to develop well-balanced mind and body through training and based on the stances on punches and kicks of the Japanese karate.

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Meditation is the process of training your mind to focus and increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Meditation classes provides us with a chance to tap into an abundance of positive energy that is inside of us.

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At Gichin School of Martial Arts you’ll get complete package of making you strong and self-confident with the personal development courses. Be strong and impressive.

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