We are proud to say that we are one of the leading training schools and socially responsible academies in the field of Martial Arts in India and Kerala. We started out as a small training center in Mavelikkara in 1988 and have now grown and successfully completed 30 years of operations. We have more than 35 centers including a center in the Gulf country of Bahrain where we have successfully trained 150 black belt winners who have won at various karate competitions after undergoing training with us. We have judges and referees who have received their certifications from the Karate Association of India.

At Gichin School of Martial Arts, we are committed to teaching traditional martial arts using a structured curriculum to teach skills that instill confidence and self-discipline. Our proven methods assist in improving all areas of the body physically as well as mentally. We focus on each student’s individual needs by adjusting the level of training to suit his/her ability.

We have a very qualified leader in our Chief Technical Director, the respected Shihan N. Sajeev Kumar, who holds a 6th Dan Black Belt in Karate and 1st Dan Black Belt in Kobudo.

We have trainees from very small children to middle-aged people who come regularly and punctually to train at our center. In the span of thirty years, we have trained more than 5000 students. It has given us immense satisfaction to know that many of the students we have trained have gone on to serve in the military, police, etc.

At Gichin School of Martial Arts, we inculcate confidence and self-esteem to our students, irrespective of age or gender. We have a large number of girls coming in, to train at our center. Along with karate, they learn yoga, meditation, and counselling. We ensure that all these components are part of the syllabus so that they can get good training in matters that are of importance in their lives. We also offer free training to students who excel in karate skills but cannot afford the fees. We also undertake charity works as part of our association.

Martial arts provide you with health, protection and awareness about good health practices. It is also a good skill to have for self-reliance and self-protection. It also enhances your mental health and we take pride in the fact that our academy has played a small part in nurturing generations of good human beings. Our philosophy is that only a healthy body can create a healthy mind and only a healthy mind will have good thoughts and perform good work. This training helps people to stay away from bad influences like alcohol, drugs and criminal activities. This is also one of the prime motives for us in conducting these training programs. This is a responsibility of ours to the society.

We are thankful to all the students and parents who have being part of the Gichin School of Arts and we look forward to your continued support in all our activities.